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Names & Faces Made Easy™ CD
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Names & Faces Made Easy will enable you to easily remember people’s names at business and social functions. You’ll never again forget a name that’s important to you!

This CD ROM contains the most complete and detailed personal audio instructions available from Jerry Lucas. It also contains animations and other aids that were not included in the book version of Names & Faces Made Easy.

The ability to remember names and faces is a precious gift in today’s business world, and now it’s a skill you can possess with Names & Faces Made Easy. This unique product adapts Doctor Memory’s Learning That Lasts™ methodology to remembering the first and last names of those you meet. Using this method on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Jerry Lucas has met, remembered, and correctly pronounced the names of more than 500 people. The same technique has already been successfully taught to hundreds of thousands of people in Fortune 500 companies.


Three of Doctor Memory’s top selling products in one value package
Family Special
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Family Special™
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Get Animated Bible Basics™ and Learning That Lasts™, receive Names and Faces Made Easy™ CD! Build a foundation for a lifetime of family success while learning to train your “photographic mind.” This value priced package is available exclusively from Doctor Memory™.
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Learning That Lasts™
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2 CD Roms

Learn how you can have a photographic mind. Doctor Memory will show you that it’s something you were born with. You just need to learn how to use it. His unique learning methodology is taught in detail in this comprehensive follow-up to the #1 sellerThe Memory Book. Learning How to Learn teaches the reader Lucas’ Learning That Lasts™ methodology, along with his eight tools of learning. Hundreds of specific applications in various subject matters are discussed and illustrated. Taking almost 30 years to compile, this is the most innovative and comprehensive learning instruction guide ever written!
This course will teach you how to become a master Mind mechanic knowing how to analyze, attack and solve anylearning problem.


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