Animated Bible Basics


You will learn the Books of the Old and New Testaments, What Love Is and Does, The Twelve Apostles, The Full Armor of God, The Ten Commandments, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Deeds of the Flesh, The Goals of the New Self, What to Practice to Keep from Stumbling, The Beatitudes, The Parable of the Sower and the Seed, The Parable of the Mustard Seed, The Gifts of the Spirit, Paul’s First Missionary Journey, The Twelve Tribes of Israel and The Genealogy of Jesus in an animated format that can’t be forgotten.

To develop a solid Christian foundation, a person must have a basic knowledge of God’s Word. Animated Bible Basics lays that groundwork in a style that will endure for years to come.

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Animated Bible Basics is designed for people of all ages. Children as young as three can learn the material.  Not only is it great for Sunday school and Bible study groups, but also families will enjoy studying this animated CD-ROM together to make it a family project. Due to age differences, it’s often difficult for a family to study God’s Word together, but Animated Bible Basics eliminates that problem by combining fun animated pictures with a memory methodology that benefits everyone

In Animated Bible Basics, Dr. Memory™ walks the learner through his methodology step-by-step with detailed directions, anecdotes, examples and animated pictures that your mind just can’t erase.

The example of one of the Ten Commandments below comes to life with animation in the CD-ROM course.

gateSo young children can understand the numbers of the Ten Commandments they are pictured by using sound-alikes for the sounds of the numbers.  A gate is used to picture the number eight, and a gate can be seen.  All of the commandments begin with the words “You shall,” so those words aren’t pictured.  It is understood to say them before the other words in the pictures.  In this picture a large knot in a rope is opening a steel gate.  The knot and the steel gate represent the words “not steal.”  Commandment number eight is “You shall not steal.”  This picture teaches this commandment quickly and easily.  Just the thought of a gate, representing number eight (8), will bring this picture to mind.  This picture and all other teaching pictures are animated in this CD-ROM.

Below is an animated picture that teaches some of the books of the Old Testament.  The books of Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges and Ruth are taught in the previous picture.  Each new picture begins with a book or two books that were taught in the previous picture to piece them together.  Click on the video below to see a fun way of learning the books that follow the books of Judges and Ruth.

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Fun and easy animated pictures like this one are used to teach all of the Bible information in this CD-ROM.  There will be a lot of laughter as you and your family learn Bible information with Dr. Memory™.

2 reviews for Animated Bible Basics

  1. Doctor Memory

    Hundreds of thousands of these CD-ROM’s have been sold at Jerry Lucas seminars worldwide and have been used by parents, students and teachers for years. Click here for testimonials users, or be the first to review this product on the new website.

  2. Trina L. McGuire

    I am writing this letter to let you know how excited I am about your learning techniques. I have home schooled my three boys for two years. Being a parent and your children’s’ teacher as well is not always an easy task. It seemed to be more than I could bear at times, but then I discovered your material, and my life began to change dramatically. The struggle of my trying to teach and my boys trying to learn took a 180-degree turn with your products. The repetitive attempts at learning, which thoroughly frustrated and bored me and my boys turned into fun, laughter and success. They have learned far more much, much faster with your systems that with the other home school programs I was using. Thank you for changing our lives. Teaching became fun and more relaxing for me instead of difficult and nerve racking.

    Since we are a Christian family I was particularly excited that my boys and I could learn Bible facts and information as well as verses and much more from the Bible. My boys aren’t in school because I don’t want them in the public school atmosphere where they can’t learn and be guided by the Word of God. I was also able to use your methods to help me in my own business and social life.

    Unfortunately, I continued to have the same old problems in the areas for which I didn’t have aids from you to teach my boys. But, I have heard a rumor that help might be on the way. One of my friends told me that you might be going to start an Internet teaching site for a wide variety of subjects. If so please let me know, because I will be your first customer. I can’t wait. I hope the rumor is true. If it is I will inform all of my friends and fellow home schoolers, so they can benefit as well.

    Please tell me the rumor is true. Your programs are awesome! Keep up the good work.

    Sincerely and hopefully,

    Trina L. McGuire

    Home Schooling Parent

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