When I think of Jerry Lucas, I think of not only his earlier bestseller in collaboration with Harry Lorayne called The Memory Book, but I also recall my own experience with Jerry and his incredible memory and learning capabilities.

In particular, I remember one night after a Knick’s game in New York when my wife, Ernestine, and I were at a party and Bobby Fisher, the great chess player was also in attendance. Jerry Lucas told Bobby Fisher that he had memorized the phone numbers in the first column of the first seventy pages of the Manhattan telephone directory. Fisher responded in disbelief, claiming that it was impossible — it just couldn’t be done. Lucas replied, “Ok, go to the first seventy pages and look at the first column on each page pick a number and tell me how many names down from the top of the selected page it is, and I’ll tell you the telephone number.”

Fisher expressing his serious doubts picked up the telephone directory, selected page 49 and scrolled down with his index finger to the 52nd name. Lucas replied 581-3211 – which was the exact number. That is when I first realized that Jerry Lucas had an extraordinary memory.

“I bet you don’t remember my name.” I’ve heard that challenge from constituents and fans for 30 years. You don’t have to be a politician to understand how important it is to remember someone’s name. Just ask any salesperson or doctor or entrepreneur. It’s just good common sense.

Jerry’s book, Names & Faces Made Easy, is full of insightful techniques to help individuals have a fun and easy way to remember names. The more you can remember names and faces, the more comfortable you’ll be meeting people. His proven techniques have already been used by millions of people.

Bill Bradley -Former New Jersey Senator and Presidential Candidate


States & CapitalsDear Jerry,

My granddaughter was having a terrible time trying to learn the sates and their capitals.  She had a test coming up, so I purchased Dr. Memory’s States & Capitals CD.  With it she learned all of the capitals of the states in an hour and laughed as she learned.  She got a perfect score on her test.  More importantly she still knows them months later because of Dr. Memory’s pictures.

         Tom Cocagne – grandparent



Grammar Graphics and Picture Perfect PunctuationDear Mr. Lucas:

The Dr. Memory How to Learn Seminar    that my children and I attended has changed our lives. Your material has totally changed    my home-schooling day. I have been a home educator for eight years and have home-educated    three children during that time period. My children can now sit down with your audio and    videotapes and learn from you. This has given me more freedom in my home, and it has made    my teaching and reviewing time with them more enjoyable and productive.

My ten-year-old son has had a short-term memory learning disability. Prior to your    seminar he had no visual way of learning. I had tried to teach him grammar and punctuation    rules for two years with little or no success as far as retention is concerned. Within    three days with your methods he learned and retained more than he had in two years.    For instance, he knows what to and not to capitalize and has not forgotten it. The unique    picture and practice pages in your grammar book locked in and reinforced the rules in a    very practical way. At any time I can now ask him a rule and he knows it without    continuous reviewing. His recall has been immediate.


Learning That Lasts

Thank you so much for coming to Orlando. I recommend your seminar to other homeschoolers and parents who want to improve their children’s abilities, self-esteem and    self-confidence.

Linda Werner





Animated Bible BasicsDear Mr. Lucas:

I am writing this letter to let you know how excited I am about your learning techniques. I have home schooled my three boys for two years. Being a parent and your children’s’ teacher as well is not always an easy task. It seemed to be more than I could bear at times, but then I discovered your material, and my life began to change dramatically. The struggle of my trying to teach and my boys trying to learn took a 180-degree turn with your products. The repetitive attempts at learning, which thoroughly frustrated and bored me and my boys turned into fun, laughter and success. They have learned far more much, much faster with your systems that with the other home school programs I was using. Thank you for changing our lives. Teaching became fun and more relaxing for me instead of difficult and nerve racking.

Since we are a Christian family I was particularly excited that my boys and I could learn Bible facts and information as well as verses and much more from the Bible. My boys aren’t in school because I don’t want them in the public school atmosphere where they can’t learn and be guided by the Word of God. I was also able to use your methods to help me in my own business and social life.

Unfortunately, I continued to have the same old problems in the areas for which I didn’t have aids from you to teach my boys. But, I have heard a rumor that help might be on the way. One of my friends told me that you might be going to start an Internet teaching site for a wide variety of subjects. If so please let me know, because I will be your first customer. I can’t wait. I hope the rumor is true. If it is I will inform all of my friends and fellow home schoolers, so they can benefit as well.

Please tell me the rumor is true. Your programs are awesome! Keep up the good work.

Sincerely and hopefully,

Trina L. McGuire – Home Schooling Parent


Animated PresidentsDear Mr. Lucas:

I have been a grade school teacher for over twenty years, and it has been a love/hate experience for me. I love children and I love to teach, but I hate the difficulty and lack of results I and many of my students have experienced over the years.

I recently attended one of your teachings and purchased some of your books for children. I began to use them in my classes with outstanding results. Some of my present students were having terrible problems with the times tables. Your teaching pictures solved their problems in no time. The smiles of satisfaction and accomplishment on their faces were heart warming. I have had the same marvelous results with the states and capitals, the presidents and grammar. Some of my students who could never retain grammar rules are now some of my best students in that area.

The purpose of this letter is not only to say thanks but to also ask for more of your material. Would you please put me on your mailing list, so I can get any other teaching material you might make available in the future.


Ann Maddox – Grade School Teacher


Dear Doctor Memory,

I have been using your systems since 1975 and they work great. I believe so strongly in them that I have bought hundreds of shares of LEDS.

I am a high school teacher, and I teach the principles to my students. I eagerly await your new products.

I have been using the principles with my son, who is now nine. I taught the link system to his kindergarten class, and I taught him all the books of the Bible and the states and capitals. He loved it and it worked great.


Robert Zima – High School Teacher Valencia, CA


Picture Perfect SpanishDoctor Memory’s™ Picture Perfect Spanish is the clearest, most practical book I have seen for learning Spanish.

Picture Perfect Spanish makes learning a foreign language fun. Doctor Memory™ specializes in making the intangible tangible. His students actually see a tangible picture of the vocabulary and grammar they are learning. His highly imaginative pictures make Spanish vocabulary acquisition an “unforgettable” experience. It works!

A student using Picture Perfect Spanish can create thousands of original Spanish sentences – far more than is expected of a typical first-year high school Spanish student. Language students usually cram vocabulary words for tests but then quickly forget them. Doctor Memory’s™ highly imaginative pictures burn the vocabulary into their minds.

I can think of no other Spanish book that approaches the novelty of Doctor Memory’s™ Picture Perfect Spanish. Nor do I know of any that promises a student more fun.

Michael Fawcett, Ph.D. – Hispanic Languages and Literature

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