Names and Faces Made Easy


Names & Faces Made Easy will enable you to easily remember people's names at business and social functions. You'll never again forget a name that's important to you!

This CD-ROM contains the most complete and detailed personal instructions available from Jerry Lucas. It also contains animations and many other aids that were not included in the book version of Names & Faces Made Easy.

The ability to remember names and faces is a precious gift in today’s business world, and now it’s a skill you can possess with Names & Faces Made Easy. This unique product adapts Doctor Memory’s™ Learning That Lasts™ methodology to remembering the first and last names of those you meet. Using this method on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and many other well-known talk shows, Jerry Lucas has met, remembered, and correctly pronounced the names of up to 500 people in a studio audience. He has successfully taught this same technique to thousands of people in Fortune 500 companies.

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 Learn how to walk into a business meeting or social function confidently and remember the names of all of the people you meet.  Learn how to never forget a name that is important to you.  This is the most in depth Names and Faces teaching ever.  This course includes new applications to speed up the mastery of Dr. Memory’s™ names and faces techniques.

“You don’t have to be a politician to understand how important it is to remember someone’s name. Just ask any salesperson or doctor or entrepreneur. It’s just good common sense,” wrote Senator Bill Bradley in his forward in Names & Faces Made Easy. On almost a daily basis, people all over the world face the problem of trying to remember names and faces. Remembering a face is usually easy, but remembering the name that goes with the face – that’s another story. We all remember faces much better than names, because we see faces and only hear names.

However, with Names & Faces Made Easy you will learn a three-step plan that will enable you to see names as well as faces. Doctor Memory’s™ methodology will make remembering the first and last names of those you meet a snap. Previously available only through exclusive guest appearances and live seminars, this fun and easy technique can now be yours.

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    Hundreds of thousands of these CD-ROM’s have been sold at Jerry Lucas seminars worldwide and have been used by parents, students and teachers for years. Click here for testimonials users, or be the first to review this product on the new website.

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