The Lucas Learning System™

An Explanation of The Lucas Learning System

The Lucas Learning System changes intangible or abstract data into tangible pictures that have an identity. The picture of the data is easily registered in the mind for instant retrieval like any tangible object. As an example, when you think of a zebra an image of a zebra is automatically created in your mind. You can’t keep it from happening, and you can’t forget it.

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Above you see an example of The Lucas Learning System™. This picture is a state and its capital. You see an Ark, like Noah’s Ark, a Can and a Saw. The Ark, the Can and the Saw allow you to picture the word Arkansas. The Ark is using the Can as a holding place to Saw a Little Rock in half. You now see a tangible picture of Arkansas and its capital, Little Rock. Having seen this picture and its explanation, for the rest of your life every time you think of Arkansas this picture will pop into your mind, and you will see the picture and know that Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas.

Jerry Lucas has worked for forty years changing intangible and abstract data into tangible pictures and animations that make learning any subject matter fun and easy. The tangible pictures created by Jerry Lucas, known as Dr. Memory™, are easy to learn and are automatically registered in the mind for instant recall.

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    DR. Memory, LLC provides memory training techniques and related educational products. It offers books, tapes, audio cassettes, DVDs, audio CD ROMS, and flash cards in the areas of general interest, Bible courses, children's educational courses, and foreign language courses. DR. Memory, LLC distributes its learning products directly to end consumers through e-commerce enabled channels, as well as wholesale distribution channels available to the publishing industry. The company was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Templeton, California.

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