Nov 06, 2015

Former NJ Senator Bill Bradley Never Forgets a Face thanks to Jerry Lucas

Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley

When I think of Jerry Lucas, I think of not only his earlier bestseller in collaboration with Harry Lorayne called The Memory Book, but I also recall my own experience with Jerry and his incredible memory and learning capabilities.

In particular, I remember one night after a Knick’s game in New York when my wife, Ernestine, and I were at a party and Bobby Fisher, the great chess player was also in attendance. Jerry Lucas told Bobby Fisher that he had memorized the phone numbers in the first column of the first seventy pages of the Manhattan telephone directory. Fisher responded in disbelief, claiming that it was impossible — it just couldn’t be done. Lucas replied, “Ok, go to the first seventy pages and look at the first column on each page pick a number and tell me how many names down from the top of the selected page it is, and I’ll tell you the telephone number.”

Fisher expressing his serious doubts picked up the telephone directory, selected page 49 and scrolled down with his index finger to the 52nd name. Lucas replied 581-3211 – which was the exact number. That is when I first realized that Jerry Lucas had an extraordinary memory.

“I bet you don’t remember my name.” I’ve heard that challenge from constituents and fans for 30 years. You don’t have to be a politician to understand how important it is to remember someone’s name. Just ask any salesperson or doctor or entrepreneur. It’s just good common sense.

Jerry’s book, Names & Faces Made Easy, is full of insightful techniques to help individuals have a fun and easy way to remember names. The more you can remember names and faces, the more comfortable you’ll be meeting people. His proven techniques have already been used by millions of people.


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