Nov 06, 2015

Grade School Teacher’s Class Learns How to Name All US Presidents in Order!


Dear Mr. Lucas:

I have been a grade school teacher for over twenty years, and it has been a love/hate experience for me. I love children and I love to teach, but I hate the difficulty and lack of results I and many of my students have experienced over the years.

I recently attended one of your teachings and purchased some of your books for children. I began to use them in my classes with outstanding results. Some of my present students were having terrible problems with the times tables. Your teaching pictures solved their problems in no time. The smiles of satisfaction and accomplishment on their faces were heart warming. I have had the same marvelous results with the states and capitals, the presidents and grammar. Some of my students who could never retain grammar rules are now some of my best students in that area.

The purpose of this letter is not only to say thanks but to also ask for more of your material. Would you please put me on your mailing list, so I can get any other teaching material you might make available in the future.


Ann Maddox – 

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