The Lucas Learning System™

The Lucas Learning System™ Explained

Jerry Lucas has devoted his life to developing remarkable and revolutionary learning materials that will change the way we teach and learn forever. He proves to those who use his products that everyone has a “photographic mind.” For example, if you read the list: cat, horse, cow or dog, you will immediately visualize each word as you read it. It’s automatic. Your mind simply develops a mental image. However, intangible words like “pronoun” cannot be visualized. Such words do not create an automatic picture in your mind. Doctor Memory™ has solved this problem with a sound-alike word system that makes intangible words tangible. The concept of a sound-alike or substitute word system is not new, but Jerry’s use of this methodology is revolutionary.

Tangible items are easy to learn because you see them with your eyes and register a picture of them in your mind. When you think of any tangible item you have seen and recognized, a picture of that item is automatically recreated in your mind and can’t be forgotten. For instance, try not to see a zebra in your mind. That’s right. Don’t see a zebra. It’s impossible, you automatically see a zebra when you think of it, and it can’t be forgotten.

Intangible items, such as letters, numbers, words and symbols, are difficult to learn because they are not tangible and don’t conjure up comfortable pictures in your mind.  The Lucas Learning System™ makes intangible items tangible with pictures, which helps you learn almost automatically. That is why we call it Automatic Learning™.

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    DR. Memory, LLC provides memory training techniques and related educational products. It offers books, tapes, audio cassettes, DVDs, audio CD ROMS, and flash cards in the areas of general interest, Bible courses, children's educational courses, and foreign language courses. DR. Memory, LLC distributes its learning products directly to end consumers through e-commerce enabled channels, as well as wholesale distribution channels available to the publishing industry. The company was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Templeton, California.

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