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Learn how to use your photographic mind with this very in depth two CD-ROM course. Doctor Memory™ will show you that a photographic mind is something you were born with. You just need to learn how to use it. His unique learning methodology is taught in detail in this comprehensive follow-up to Jerry Lucas’ #1 bestseller The Memory Book. It has been almost 40 years since that book was published, and there is now almost 40 years of new methodology.  Learning That Lasts teaches Dr. Memory’s™ methodology, along with his eight tools of learning. Hundreds of specific applications in various school subjects and business and social applications are discussed and illustrated, many of which are animated. This is the most innovative and comprehensive learning instruction guide ever developed!  You will finally learn how to learn.  You were never taught how in school.  You have simply used boring repetition to try to learn throughout your entire life.

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Actually everyone already has a photographic mind. For example, when you read the list: lion, tiger, and alligator, you will immediately visualize each word as you read it. It’s automatic. Your mind simply develops a mental image, and, as a result, tangible items can never be forgotten. Just the thought of a tangible item causes an image of the item to appear in your mind.  However, what you were called upon to learn as a student in school, or what you try to learn in your business and social life is intangible. In school it is “ink on a page.”  Nothing is tangible.  Nothing has an identity.  It is the same in a business and social life.  Dr. Memory™ teaches you how to make everything tangible, so you can use your natural photographic mind.

Doctor Memory™ has solved this problem with systems that make all intangible words, letters, numbers and concepts tangible. Dr. Memory’s™ eight tools of learning will give you the skills you’ve always wanted. Fun, animated pictures are used to teach the eight tools of learning.  Nothing is boring in this course.

These CD-ROM’s are easy to apply, and can be used by anyone who has a desire to improve his or her learning skills and develop the potential of the photographic mind within. You already have the innate ability. Learning That Lasts gives you the skills to use your mind to its fullest.

If you have a problem with your car hopefully you can find a master mechanic to repair your car.  If he needs a screwdriver he can’t use a wrench.  He chooses the correct tool to solve each mechanical problem.  When it comes to learning you have only one tool, the stone-age ax of repetition.  Your whole life you have gone over and over information to try to learn it by repetition. Dr. Memory’s™ eight tools of learning will make you a Master Mind Mechanic knowing how to select and use the correct mental tool to solve any learning problem.

Students from middle school and up will benefit greatly from this course. A student will save hundreds and hundreds of hours of time that is wasted on boring repetition, and in one’s business and social life countless hours of frustration will fade away.  You will eliminate absentmindedness; easily remember lists, dates, calendars, speeches and much more. Dr. Memory’s™ tools of learning will also keep your mind active as you age.  If you don’t use it you may lose it! Believe it or not, you will even learn how to memorize a 100-page magazine or anything else you wish to learn.

This is a life-changing course. This course will teach you how to become a Master Mind Mechanic knowing how to analyze, attack and solve any learning problem.

2 reviews for Learning That Lasts (2 CD-ROM Course)

  1. Doctor Memory

    Hundreds of thousands of these CD-ROM’s have been sold at Jerry Lucas seminars worldwide and have been used by parents, students and teachers for years. Click here for testimonials users, or be the first to review this product on the new website.

  2. Bill Murray

    The Learning That Lasts course has changed my life forever. I had no idea I had the capacity to become a Master Mind Mechanic. I now know how to solve any learning problem with supreme confidence and ability. I would never have dreamed that I could memorize a magazine, for instance, but I have done that and much more. Thank you so very much for pulling out my latent learning talents. They were there all the time, but I just didn’t know it.

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