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Quantity Animated Bible Basics™ CD Rom
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Example of Technique
Doctor Memory’s unique learning methodology is adapted to help students of any age better understand and remember Bible information.
This CD ROM contains complete and detailed personal audio instructions from Jerry Lucas. It teaches a long list of Bible information with full animation.
You will learn: The Books of the Old and New Testaments, What Love Is and Does, The Twelve Apostles, The Full Armor of God, The Ten Commandments, The Fruit of the Spirit, The Deeds of the Flash, The Goals of the New Self, What to Practice to Keep from Stumbling, The Beatitudes, The Parable of the Sower and the Seed, The Parable of the Mustard Seed, The Gifts of the Spirit, Paul’s First Missionary Journey, The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Genealogy of Jesus and more.
You and your family will laugh with joy as you learn Bible information faster than you ever dreamed possible.
Bible Memory Made Easy™DVD Series
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Special Price: $89.95
6 DVDs
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In this six-volume video DVD series, the viewer will take a comprehensive look at the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. Just by watching and listening you will, no matter how young or old, learn and more importantly remember many of the Bible’s teachings from the gifts of the spirit to what to practice to keep from stumbling in your walk with God. You will also learn Bible verses with this DVD series.
View-A-Verse™ Flash Card Program
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138 two-sided flash cards with an audio cd

Doctor Memory has developed 138 flashcards, along with an audio cd to help anyone memorize Bible verses simply and easily. These cards use common tangible pictures from everyday life to help you learn and remember your favorite Bible verses. If scripture memory is your goal, View-A-Verse will work for you.

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