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Animated Presidents™ CD ROM
Retail Price: $25.00
This CD ROM contains complete and detailed personal audio instructions from Jerry Lucas. Dr. Memory™ teaches the names of all the presidents with his memory pictures in full animation.
Alphabet Friends Reading Course™ CD ROM
Retail Price: $110.00 Special $ 75.00
3 CD ROMs and 1 Music CD
These CD ROM’s contain complete and detailed personal audio instructions from Jerry Lucas and many of his animated friends. Students learn the alphabet with Dr. Memory’s™ Alphabet Friends. Each big and little Friend looks like and sounds like the letter it represents. Letters are no longer intangible lines but easily recognized Friends.
Students see the sounds made by each letter in animated tangible pictures and act them out on their own bodies as taught by the Action Kids. They learn if a letter is reliable or unreliable, that is, does it make only one sound or more than one sound.
Vowels are taught by a V-owl, an owl that wears a V-neck sweater, and a Silly Bull teaches syllables. There are many other animated friends, vehicles, tools and places for fun learning activities.
Students will see in animated pictures the difference between hard and soft sounds. They will enjoy Alphabet Alley, a place to click on each Alphabet Friend to review sounds. There are also 26 activity pictures for each letter.
A variety of games and music add to this fun and foolproof learning experience. Among them are The Box Ox, I Found the Sounds, Star Undies and Beat the Blues.
Students will also learn how to read words with long and short vowel sounds.
This is the most fun and foolproof method of laying a solid foundation for learning to read that has ever been created.

States & Capitals and their Geographical Locations™ CD ROM
Retail Price: $25.00 More Info
CD ROM Media Windows 98, XP, 2000, MAC
Example of Technique

Interactive States and Capitals CD: $25.00

The Lucas Learning System makes learning states and their capitals a breeze. Here’s an example from the CD States & Capitals and Their Geographical Locations.
Grammar Graphics & Picture Perfect
Punctuation™ , Volume 1, CD Rom
Retail Price: $25.00 More Info
CD ROM Media Windows 98, XP, 2000, MAC
Example of Technique

Doctor Memory’s revolutionary learning methodology is adapted in this program to the fundamental rules of grammar and punctuation. Designed for students, teachers, and adults, this first in a six volume series includes fun and unique drills that “lock in” the application and usage of the covered rules.
This is an animated, interactive CD that uses Dr. Memory’s revolutionary learning methods to teach the rules of grammar and punctuation. It is designed for students, teachers and adults. It includes interactive random testing games to perfect the rules. It is fun and easy for anyone.

Four of Doctor Memory’s top selling products in one value package
Learning That Lasts Family Pack
*The Learning That Lasts Family Pack™
Special Package Price: $85.00
Save $15.00 *

* Note: Price comparisons are based on the total delivered price which is inclusive of shipping and handling charges. Comparisons values would be reduced if multiple products were ordered and shipped together.

Children’s Educational Courses:
Doctor Memory™ children’s products are designed to do two things.

Teach Foundational Knowledge
The products focus on educational topics which require substantial memorization. The materials replace rote memorization techniques with a study of fun and easy pictures. In doing so, learning and committing the material to long-term memory becomes automatic!
Develop the Photographic Mind™
The products introduce and demonstrate powerful methods of memorization that can be applied to other subject matter and everyday life. The development of a photographic mind comes naturally when children are exposed to methods of making the intangible tangible early in life.
The student is rewarded with a taste of success in the new subject matter. The confidence gained from tapping into the power of the photographic mind is the most significant benefit of our products. Try them. You will be amazed!

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